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The Team of Team 302

(at least the ones you need to know about)

Jamie Lawson - Founder and "Boss"


Jamie is a father of many and husband of one.  He has a medium-sized dog that seems like it's always worried.  His love of delicious pastries is only parallelled by his hatred for the county fair.


If he had unlimited resources, he would wear a new pair of socks every day.  In his opinion, the original The Karate Kid may be the most enjoyable movie ever put to celluloid.


Jamie's been in the video production biz for ten years.

Andy Morse - Diligent Worker


Andy is a simple man with no dogs.  He does, however, have a cat, although Jamie doesn't consider that an actual pet.  A descendant of hill people from deep in the woods of Washington state, how he learned to read and write remains a mystery.


With an unrivaled DVD collection, there is nary a movie to be found that Andy has not seen.  We think there may need to be a new hobby.


Andy came in one day and hasn't left yet.

Peter Bartausky - Stuff With Cameras


Peter grew up on a farm and eating too much sugar gives him headaches.  Please don't feed him sugar.

His meticulous attention to detail with shot composition may seem a bit over the top but that's why he's good to have around. Peter's wish is to one day become a real boy.


He also pulls double duty as a freelance photographer.  Check out his work or hire him at

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